Adjustable Bed Mattress


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Adjustable Bed Mattress

If you have an adjustable bed, or are considering one, you will need a mattress specially made for your bed. Mattresses for adjustable beds are made to meet the special requirements of this type of bed. That’s why it’s important to have the right type of mattress.Using a standard mattress on an adjustable bed can cause discomfort and will significantly reduce the lifespan of your mattress.

Here at Relax Master, we want to help you make the right mattress choice so you can enjoy a comfortable, restful and refreshing night’s sleep.

The first aspect to consider is whether you should choose a Foam or Sprung mattress, both of which are available for adjustable beds.

A sprung mattress for an adjustable bed is made specially to be flexible so that it will bend correctly as required. They will still provide the comfort and back support you require. Many of our clients prefer to have specially made traditional sprung mattresses on their adjustable beds. 

Foam mattresses are naturally better suited for adjustable beds, and as a result, are the popular choice. There are also options for memory foam mattresses too. Foam mattresses are certainly more convenient on adjustable beds, whichever position you leave them in. 

We have an excellent team available to advise you on your mattress choice. The type you choose will depend upon your own comfort needs, preferences, and your budget. But we’re here to help you by supplying the perfect mattress.

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