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Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Getting a good night's sleep can make all the difference to our waking hours. From temperament to creativity, all of it hinges on the quality of rest we get the night before, and so many of us these days don't know how to achieve that quality. The secret is often in the mattress, and if you're using something old, or even an up to date one that doesn't support your body correctly, you'll find no matter how early you go to bed, that quality sleep is just out of reach.

The right mattress is incomparably comfortable, allowing the muscles to be relieved of their duties, thoroughly supporting you as you rest, ensuring you get a good night's sleep. Our memory foam adjustable bed mattresses are designed to deliver all this comfort and quality for ultimately better sleep.

UK Memory Foam Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

So what makes the Memory Matrix Mattress different? If you're new to memory foam mattresses, you'll see immediately why they're so esteemed. The Matrix though, takes the idea one step further. Utilizing a concept originally developed by NASA, the mattresses are comprised of the highest quality and density foam, which, together with the flexible design, allows for unrivalled support for your entire body that provides pressure relief and superior, long lasting comfort.

There's Method in the Mattress

With 10cm of luxurious Memory Matrix Foam, and a quality outer fabric to finish the package, there's no reason not to be sleeping in lavish, supported comfort tonight. With a host of health benefits as well, why not give us at Relax Master a call today for more, or have a closer look at our range on this page!

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