A Dietary Change: You Are What You Sleep

Posted on February 25, 2013 by admin

It’s science central this month here at Relax Master as, after our previous post detailing how exactly a better sleep pattern could help you learn and remember further into your old age, this week we’ve uncovered yet more sleep-based research results; perhaps the scientists have been inspired by the Relax Master blog! We presume this is definitely the case. So, what have we discovered? Or more, what might we discover – it seems the study is still on going, but already there have been substantial patterns derived from tests carried out to examine whether our diet directly affects our sleep!

With a huge array of factors that contribute toward our sleep, many of which we have delved into in these very pages, it makes sense that what we eat could also have a positive or negative impact, though, as with anything, balance will always be the key! Essentially, research involving those that sleep too little, too much and roughly the right amount, and their general day-to-day diets has found, at least on a preliminary basis, that there is a distinct pattern whereby those that don’t get the right amount of sleep all eat similarly.

And that pattern boils down to variety. Too long and too shorter sleeping periods seem to be directly associated with less varied diets, those of us that eat the same thing week in, week out. Another interesting result concluded that the fewer hours of sleep we manage to tuck away each night, the hungrier we are during the day – of course this kind of statistic could directly affect diet and potentially it could be one big vicious circle!

So what can you do about it? Whilst the research has yielded no definitive dietary solution to sleeping better, why not try to remember the variety aspect of the results? When you’re hungry, think, what kind of food haven’t I eaten today? Ask yourself if you could try something different, maybe mix your evening meals around and throw in something new! Variety is easy and it could make all the difference to your sleep pattern!

Let us know if you tried altering your diet for a better night’s sleep in your Relax Master adjustable bed! Or any bed! We’re fascinated to hear the results, and maybe we’ll discuss them in a follow up post!

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