How the Memory Matrix Works

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Memory foam mattresses have been around for quite a while. Whilst many are aware of their benefits, few know how they actually work, and what this translates to in terms of health, comfort and relaxation every time they go to sleep at night. Here at Relax Master, we’ve gone one further than simply harnessing the benefits of memory foam, creating our very own, completely unique ‘Matrix’ mattress, that comes with its very own set of advantages. As sleep experts, we claim to know a thing or two about this incredible technology, and as such, here is how memory foam, and the Memory Matrix work.

Mattresses in Space

The memory foam material itself was actually a NASA-based experiment, as they tried to find a way to allow astronauts in flight to better contend with the acceleration and deceleration of the craft. When  it transpired that the technology couldn’t be used in space due to the chemicals within the material, it was found to be largely beneficial to us staying with our feet firmly on the ground.

Remember, Remember

The foam itself is an insulating material that adapts and responds to temperature change. When warmth is applied to the foam, it restructures around the object creating the warmth, thus forming an effective cushion. This process naturally lends itself to mattresses, supporting the individual contours of the body in ways no material has ever managed before.

What If I Told You…

The Memory Matrix mattress essentially expands on this premise. Its ‘chocolate bar’ design that divides the foam up into blocks on the surface, actually distributes the weight across the mattress. This eases pressure and means no matter which way you prefer to sleep, you’ll remain comfortable all night. As a result, there’s less chance you’ll wake up to move, and a higher chance you fall into REM sleep, the most regenerative and healthiest kind of sleep you can get.

Similarly the foam blocks allow for better airflow throughout the mattress which in turn increases its longevity. In many ways, it’s an all in one solution to the most comfortable night’s sleep possible, and we’re extremely proud of it.

If you’d like more information on our unique mattress design, or to order yours today, why not give us at Relax Master call! The number to dial is 01902421314 and our team can guide you through all the benefits of the Matrix and recommend the right one for you! Alternatively, simply head over to our Memory Matrix mattress page.

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