Is Reclining Good For Your Back?

Posted on March 25, 2013 by admin

So, in the midst of post-National Sleep Awareness Week, in which we trust you undertook our advice and made sure you had a great night’s sleep every day, we thought we’d tackle a different topic this week: reclining. Of course, as we consider relaxing a masterful art, we couldn’t get by without discussing every aspect of the field now could we? And with our latest release, the Relax Master Lift and Rise Recliner Chairs, we thought we’d confront one of the great questions, the one that keeps coming up in our inbox and springing up on discussion boards and in forums throughout the corridors of the internet – ‘is reclining actually good for your back?’

Lounging About

The question arises from the fact that we’re often told not to slouch. Slouching is of course bad for us, and as we sit at our office chairs or at home on the sofa, we know that a bad posture can cause some real problems. Indeed, this even relates back to sleeping at night – bad posture will put extra stress on muscles and cause your body to still be working as you try to nod off! So, is reclining a form of slouching?

Supported Slouching

Whilst it might certainly appear that way, it’s definitely not, and in fact it can even be better for you than sitting upright. In a properly supported reclined position, you take a lot of strain off your lower back muscles. You might find that as you sit at your desk chair, you find yourself shuffling slightly forward and leaning back. This is you naturally adjusting for comfort, to take that pressure away from your back. The problems come when we remain in this position without the proper supports in place which then once again, exerts pressure on the back.

Relieving the stress placed on the ligaments of the spine, warming up and massaging areas of the back and ensuring you’re relaxed overall are three things we’ve designed our recliner chairs to do well. They’re as comfy as they come, and with a number of options for the aforementioned extras, you can create the perfect seating solution for you! Relax in comfort and confidence; give us a call today and find out exactly how!

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