National Sleep Awareness Week Kicks of March 10th!

Posted on March 12, 2013 by admin

Yes we’re coming up steadily on yet another ‘National Day’, and you might be forgiven for presuming that there are now more celebratory holidays than there are ordinary run of the mill days. Still, here at Relax Master, we’re particularly invested in this one as, of course, we’re about to kick off Sleep Awareness Week! So what better time to brush up on those sleeping skills and prepare for a weeks’ worth of quality shut-eye. Who knows, you might even pick up some good habits you’ll want to employ on a full time basis!

Here then, is the official Relax Master challenge. Can you apply these five rules for a week, a single week, and see if they make a big difference to your life? They might well do, and don’t forget to let us know how you got on!

1)      Sounds to Kill Sounds

It might sound peculiar, but many of us toss and turn at night, unable to relax and drop off due to the natural noises, creaks, squeaks and clunks are homes often make as their inner-most workings continue to churn. One way to cancel this out is to play, not necessarily music, but perhaps the sound of rain into your room. We don’t like white noise after we saw that film of the same name a few years ago, but anything that’s familiar and constant that you can get to shut off automatically after a few hours should do the trick!

2)      Luminous Delusions

It’s pretty difficult to sleep whilst a buzzing electric city scape of glowing led lights floods the room in stark blues or greens or yellows. Put a cover over your laptop charger and switch the TV off at the wall to kill those standby lights!

3)      Exercise

We’ve mentioned it before, but even just a few minutes of exercise has proved to give the body that extra, otherwise unattainable jolt that sends you off to sleep easier on the evenings. Be it morning or evening, find a bit of time to work out and you’ll be snoozing silently in no time.

4)      Sleep Management

Fortunately, this doesn’t involve spreadsheets or presentations; you are simply required to look at your sleep phases and aim for very specific bedtimes. It’s called your circadian rhythm and there’s a lot of information available on the internet including a bedtime calculator that ensures you wake up at the best time possible.

5)      Change Your Alarm

Lastly, waking up to a stressful noise is the best way to start a stressful day. Swap out your brain-drilling shriek of an alarm clock for something gentler and stagger your alarms so you wake up smoothly!

An adjustable bed will undoubtedly make sleep easier, perhaps a new one from Relax Master could be the perfect way to celebrate Sleep Awareness Week!


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