Sleep Deprivation Affecting Education on a Global Scale

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The benefits of sleep are often obvious, we all like having a nice long lay in to some extent, and whether you’re an early riser, or a night owl, the act of resting and allowing the body to rejuvenate for the right amount of hours is absolutely vital. Without it, we struggle to think cognitively, our memory suffers and our ability to absorb information and learn is also diminished. As you might expect, whilst sleep is necessary and important for all of us, it’s even more important for school children. The latest figures however, show that an astonishing 80% of 13-14 year olds are affected by sleep deprivation, and it’s harming their education.

Boston College conducted an in depth study on the effects of a lack of sleep on our ability to learn and also on which countries have the most sleep deprived children. The United States came out on top with a harrowing 73% of children not getting adequate sleep. Looking closer at the figures though reveals the most concerning results. Reportedly 73% of 9-10 year olds, an age where they are primed for learning new skills every day, were suffering with not enough sleep.

The study goes on to find that the sleep proportionately affected literacy tests and results in maths and science. Chad Minnich of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) who conducted the analysis said "I think we underestimate the impact of sleep. Our data show that across countries internationally, on average, children who have more sleep achieve higher in maths, science and reading.”

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