The Health Benefits of the Memory Matrix

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Whilst blockbuster hit film The Matrix might have depicted a bleak future ran by sentient machines enslaving the human race and provided a neat narrative curvature that would bring such a threat to its untimely demise, it certainly didn’t address the ever growing problems of back pain originating from sleep, which we think is downright careless.

Fortunately, we have a Matrix that does just that. The Memory Matrix mattresses available from us here at Relax Master provide revolutionary comfort via their ingenious design, and furthermore, their general health benefits span a wide spectrum of issues that they could help solve!

If you’re still currently trying to get to sleep on a traditional mattress, then you’re inviting in a heap of problems, perhaps without even knowing it! Back pain, neck ache and general joint discomfort can creep in slowly and once its set, it can affect all aspects of your daily life, from making you more irritable, to unable to concentrate and more tired in general. As it insets, often quite gradually, we become used to it being there and sometimes don’t notice straight away the exact cause of the problem. It’s difficult to fight against an enemy you can’t see, but think about it now –is your back completely relaxed and pain-free? Do your shoulders feel wound up? Are you still using a traditional mattress?

If the answer is yes, then consider the idea of the latest technology, the highest quality, high density foam, a concept originally developed by NASA, soothing you to sleep in a swathe of comfort every night. Sounds good doesn’t it? Here at Relax Master, we’ve sought out the best of the best, the only solution of memory foam mattresses, and the Memory Matrix is the out and out victor.

With the health issues it can offer relief from including everything from arthritis to joint pains, night cramps to leg ulcers, even asthma and heartburn; there really is no reason to put yourself through the suffering of an old mattress.

Give us a call today for the complete comfort solution, whether that’s just the mattress itself, or whether you’re looking for an adjustable bed into the bargain as well, we at Relax Master can supply! That number to call is 01902 421 314, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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