The Sleep Productivity Factor: More is More

Posted on December 10, 2012 by admin

We live in a non-stop, break-neck-speed society that has us up at the crack of dawn, and barely allows us to take a moment to breathe before it’s late at night (or early in the morning) and we’re trying to get to bed, merely so we can cram in the absolute minimum amount of sleep possible before we start again the next day. That is how we live. Ask anyone. Teachers, office workers, the police, nurses, managers, assistants. It’s the same story. But what kind of effect is this actually having on our lives?

One scarcely needs to be Sherlock Holmes to realize this isn’t a healthy way to live, however we all seem to be bound by getting that ‘one more thing done’, stuck in the unchanging, concrete perspective that this is more productive than going to sleep, it makes sense. But it’s wrong.

Sleep deprivation, in extreme cases, is a form of torture. It is reportedly an overwhelming state of malfunction and the effects are far worse even than those of starving or dehydrating, reportedly. Yes, yes, you might agree, but surely missing a single hour or two isn’t going to make any difference – we’re not up literally all night! True, BUT, the big secret here is that even tiny amounts of sleep deprivation can have hugely significant effects on the body and the mind.

Less than 2.5 per cent of us can live on less than 7 hours sleep, and missing out on these minutes causes the mind to fall to pieces. Are you worrying that your memory is getting worse? Can’t remember what Sue from Accounting told you about that client yesterday? Not getting a full eight hours will cause your memory to suffer, and allow for a host of other cognitive mishaps that might make you think you’re going insane. You’re not. You just need some sleep.

As such, when we’re working on less sleep, we’re not working to full capacity. Isn’t it better to work for less hours on full blast, than to work much longer at a perpetually decreased level of competency? The right amount of rest will give you better focus, it will improve your decision making ability and allow you to produce better work.

The advice from Relax Master then? Get some sleep, and to get some sleep, you’ll need a new, supremely comfortable and supportive adjustable bed! Have a look through our pages and check back for more updates soon!

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