How Our Recliner Chairs Could Make Your Life Easier

Posted on April 22, 2013 by admin

You know that sound we make when we walk in after a long day, whether you’ve been on your feet, or arched over a computer; the noise we make when finally, after what’s felt like an eternity, we can collapse into comfort. That big, long, satisfying exhale is like music to the ears, the feet and the back after such a day, and here at Relax Master, we’ve put together a little device that, during its production stages, was referred to as the After-Work-Exhale-Facilitator, but you can simply call them the Lift and Rise Recliners. Here’s why our new chairs could be the perfect way to relax in the evenings!

Imagine all that weight you’re exerting on your body throughout the day. As your legs try to support the strenuous extremes of your activity, even if you’re simply standing about, there’s little wonder they become tired and worn out. Problem is, too often we carry on sitting in discomfort after a long day, or worse, stand and do house-related work. What your muscles need at this point is a complete and thorough rest. This really can only be achieved by properly taking the weight away from them, and of course, delivering the right amount of support.

Similarly though, there’s no use in taking the weight off your legs if you end up putting more on your back. Our recliner chairs not only support the entire length of the leg as they recline, they also maintain strong and sturdy lumbar support to ensure your whole body can relax effectively.

Warmth is another well-known healer, and whether it’s through bean-bag microwavable heat packs or submerging y yourself in a swathe of warm water, it’s a sure-fire method for relaxing those muscles. Now you can attain the benefits of warmth sat in the comfiest of chairs! Our entire range of recliner options comes with heat and massage optional extras, meaning one way or another, you can ensure that, on a daily basis, you can rest and rejuvenate your body ready for the next day!

These chairs are flying out fast, so give us at Relax Master a call today for more information or to secure yours now! The number to dial is: 01902 421314

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