The QVC Files: See Us Next – 29th November!

Posted on November 15, 2012 by admin

If you’ve not heard of our recent saunter into the glitzy, glamorous world of television, then you, intelligent and informed reader of The Relax Master blog, need to catch up! And that’s exactly what we’re here to do today; as below you’ll find a quick overview of everything we’ve been up to on the old Cathode Ray Tube as of late, as well as all the dates and information you’ll need to be able to get involved in the future! Lucky you!

So it’s been a busy few months here at Relax Master Towers, and after first edging our way into the esteemed hallways of prestigious shopping channel QVC in early July to showcase our electric beds, we've become quite enamoured with appearing on the show. Yes, it would seem we’re naturals in front of the camera, and have since had to turn down many a starring role in the latest Spielberg blockbuster, so as to keep you all properly relaxed! One day, maybe Steven.

The Big Screen Debut

After two roaringly successful TV appearances earlier in the year, wherein we had a boat-load of fun wildly spreading the word that discomfort is our sworn enemy, we took centre stage again in October with our Delivery Installation Film Shoot, once more, for the inarguably fantastic folk at QVC.

The Difficult Second Series

This time it was senior team members Tom and Jag who launched themselves into the role, and whilst nerves and excitement gripped them prior to their big moment, they proved themselves as natural big screen heroes. We’ll see you all in Hollywood.

A Piece of the Action

Later in October we went back to shopping channel for yet another show, by far our favourite of the lot. It was certainly a hit with the viewers as well, as the lines were jammed with you all trying to grab yourself a piece of the Relax Master action.

To November, and Beyond!

Finally, our next show is scheduled in for 29th November on QVC (channel number details below) and boy do we have a treat for you. Yes, due to our continued love of the camera, we have chosen to launch our next big thing, on this very show! Tune in to be one of the first to get your hands on our brand new Rise and Recliner chairs; the next chapter in the Relax Master epic!

So make sure you join us on the 29th, and keep reading this blog for all the latest news, information and updates, and we may even venture a relaxation secret or two into the bargain as well!


Sky Channel: 640
Virgin Channel: 740
Freeview Channel: 16


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