Hit the Lights – The Sleep Environment Hit List

Posted on January 10, 2013 by admin

Happy New Year everybody! How is 2013 for everybody so far? Good, we hope! What about those New Year resolutions then, have they been kept up to so far? What do they entail? Relaxing more? Sleeping better? Of course, we here at Relax Master wildly encourage such resolutions and that in mind, here’re a few more tips to help! We’ve covered sleep tips before but it seems the internet debate over what makes the most difference never ceases to drag new ideas and new arguments out into the open. So then, here is how to construct the ideal sleep environment!


It’s one we didn’t touch on last time, but finding different ways to control the temperature can make a huge difference. Whilst we all like to be warm in bed, too much warmth can lead to interrupted or light sleep, thus filtering out the quality of the time in which we are resting. The trick here really is to experiment. One study says optimal sleeping temperature sits between 60 and 68 degrees F, but of course, everybody is different, and as such it’s worth trying a number of different ideals. Do you require the window vent to let a wisp of cool air pass over you as you snooze? Perhaps you could factor a hot water bottle or heat pack into the arrangement too!

Light Distractions

Seemingly these days simply shutting off the big light or the desk lamp isn’t enough. The second we flick that switch, our rooms are illuminated by a city scape of standby lights and power LEDs. Whether it’s a tiny red dot indelibly hovering in front of the TV, or if it’s the flooding turquoise deluge of a laptop charger, these will all play a significant role in keeping you awake and tampering with your sleep cycle even as it progresses. Hide them, cover them up, or simply unplug them – you’ll be greener for it!


We spend 24 years of our lives tucked up in bed, asleep, so without a doubt, it’s a worthy place to aim an investment. Hitting the right combination of pillows, mattresses and then of course the bed itself is crucial; the power that an extra layer of comfort can have on your sleep can surmount to more than you could possibly imagine. As one of the chief stops on your day-by-day routine, don’t be afraid to adorn your resting place with all the comfort-increasing extras that might help you off into a better night’s sleep and improve your sleep cycle! Relax Master adjustable beds are here to help, so browse our range and get involved in a good night’s sleep today!

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