How Healthy Sleep Habits Could be your One Big Solution

Posted on June 24, 2013 by admin

Feeling trapped is one of the worst sentiments to have to contend with on a day to day basis. A subtle feeling of claustrophobia caused by perhaps your own inability to think straight or to shake off the heavy weight of feeling too tired to work makes everything more difficult. Many of us put it down to modern day stresses, to ‘getting old’ or we just accept this is how we are and try to power on through it. The thing is though, we’re almost universally getting less sleep nowadays, and in fact, this could have more impact than you ever considered. Heathly sleeping habits really could turn your whole life around.

I Remember When

How? Well, we’ve discussed before how sleep impacts productivity, your ability to work. Perhaps a better way to describe this though, is not productivity, but ‘innovation’. It’s almost a safe bet to say we look back at the work we’ve done in the past and go ‘why can’t I do that now’, or ‘I wish I were as creative as I was back then’, and that’s when we attribute this to the unfeeling passage of time, a fact of life we have to live with. If you’re not getting good sleep though, that could in fact be the answer.


The prefrontal cortex of the brain, the area most significantly affected by a lack of sleep, controls our ability to think dynamically, it gives us self-control, rationalisation, creativity and innovation. If we’re wondering around on a daily basis without proper, quality sleep, there’s really no wonder we can’t work or create as well as we used to.

Healthy Habits

Whilst we may spend much of our time not sleeping trying to ‘get things done’, and consider those hours a necessity to our day, wouldn’t it be better to take quality over quantity and make the effort to try and restore ourselves? To do so, you’ll need to incorporate some of those healthy sleep habits into your routine:

  • Get a bedtime routine going – go to bed at a specific time every night!
  • Relax – as part of your routine, make sure you keep away from screens for half an hour before bed!
  • Purposely run through your day before bed – get your worries out of your system, write them down where necessary.
  • Avoid all alcohol and caffeine – detox before you sleep!
  • Ensure you’re sleeping in a comfortable position on a quality mattress!

Here at Relax Master, we’re happy to be able to contribute toward your healthy sleeping habits with our adjustable beds. Being able to properly relax in a bed that’s made to support you no matter which position you’re sitting in or lying in will help you get your sleep pattern sorted! Give us a call today to find out more!

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