How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep without Giving up the Tech

Posted on June 8, 2013 by admin

If you’re suffering from poor sleep, and statistically you are, there could be any number of reasons causing it, and worse there are many ramifications. When it comes to finally tucking in and settling down for some good, honest shut-eye at the reasonable hour of 10pm, many of us find it utterly impossible, yet sorely regret that inability the next morning and work day when we inevitably fail to function properly. If you’ve desperately taken to the internet for a solution, you’ll likely have received a barrage of response demanding you to turn off all technology and live like you were in the dark ages for at least an hour before you go to bed. Poppycock, we say. Well, just about.

If having to give up the phone/iPad/Kindle/alternative light-emitting technological device a full hour before you go to bed sounds a little bit nightmarish to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Surely, you think, there must be a way I can still get to sleep without having to sit staring at the ceiling in baffled solitude for an hour. And there is.

Phone Light, Phone Bright

The trick is, quite simply, to find that dimmer switch on your glaring device and turn the screen brightness down. You see, the reason technological devices are currently getting all the slack for our sleep deprivation is because of the perpetually bright light they hum out at your face, causing the hormone melatonin, which controls our sleep-wake cycle, to get all disoriented.

According to the Associated Professional Sleep Society though, across a range of devices they tested, only on their highest brightness setting were they emitting the kind of light that would interfere with melatonin levels. They recommended a thorough dimming of the screen, and holding the machine 14 inches from your face.

Combine and Conquer

So there you go, you needn’t shut out the sum of all human knowledge in order to have a good night’s sleep. Of course though, doing anything mentally taxing before bed is going to whirr your brain into an agitated state of attentiveness, so combining your newly dimmed screen with a few other sleep based tips will help! Make an effort to get early exercise each day, write things you’re thinking or worrying about down and get into a routine!

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