Sleeping Better – Four Top Tips to Nodding off at Night

Posted on November 27, 2012 by admin

Sleep is an imperative aspect of our daily lives. Like lighters need fuel, cars need petrol and pens need ink, sleep is one of the vital requirements we, as humans, must factor into our routines, so as to function properly. Without it, we’ll struggle to be creative, succinct and conversational; we become frustrated by the fact we cannot do things we know we should be able to; making our overall temperament even worse. So, for those of us that are struggling to sleep, what can be done? Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can contribute to helping you nod off at night!

Sleep is all about synchronising your body to know that it is time for rest and recuperation, it is about relaxing, preparing the body for sleep and ensuring a handful of boxes are ticked to help you drift off into a deep, restorative state of unconsciousness.

A Regular Bed Time – It can often be best to hit the hay at the same time every single night. Try to deduct when you get tired, set a time and stick to it. The longer you can keep this up for, the more in-tune your body will become, and the more easily it will naturally prepare itself for sleep at this time. Changing your bed time should be done in tiny steps, adding 15 minutes in the direction of your goal and steadily working toward it.

Light Exposure During the Day – Make sure you get as much natural light as possible throughout the day. This can be difficult when working in an office, but avoid the temptation to sit at your desk and work through lunch, or even stay glued to the computer if only for recreational purposes. Get outside, take a walk, breath some fresh air and let some organic light in.

Exercise – It’s difficult to motivate ourselves to exercise most of the time; however, if you consider in the fact that a little throughout the day will dramatically increase your ability to fall asleep, that’s more of the positive reinforcement you need to get up and do it. Even if you’re splitting it up, 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there; it soon builds up, will increase your general health and help your body relax in the evening.

A Bedtime Routine – Whilst this series of actions may be seemingly arbitrary, even the most menial of tasks, once synonymous in the brain with sleep, will help to ensure you drift off quickly and relax beforehand. Indeed, ensure you do nothing too strenuous in the evening; make sure not to overstimulate the brain, and forget about important tasks until the following day. If you’re reading; be careful what you read. A self-help book might get you motivated and fired up, but that is not what you need right before trying to sleep!

Whilst we’ll keep adding to these, there are your basics for helping you get to sleep! Don’t forget, the right adjustable bed is imperative, and we’re proud to stock some of the most relaxing solutions right here at Relax Master!

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